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Friday, January 11, 2013

WHO DID THIS? Animal Cruelty Suspect in Spring Valley Sought by County Authorities.

Animal Cruelty Suspect in Spring Valley Sought by County Authorities..

A 10-year-old Cocker Spaniel was found in a trash bin at Mount Miguel High School. The animal’s condition was so severe, it had to be euthanized that same day.
The County of San Diego Department of Animal Services is looking for any witnesses or information regarding a severely neglected dog that was found in a large trash bin Saturday, Jan. 5 at Mount Miguel High School in Spring Valley.
The dog, a tan-colored, 10-year-old neutered male cocker spaniel, was wrapped in a blanket and placed in a black plastic trash bag, which was tied shut and put in the school trash bin.
When found, the dog’s coat was so severely matted that it is likely the dog could not walk. The animal’s condition was so severe; he had to be euthanized at the Department’s animal care center in Bonita that same day. No medical intervention would have reversed the condition of the dog.
“Whoever did this horrific act needs to be found and held accountable,” said Animal Services Director Dawn Danielson.


  1. God Bless this brave guy........ we know what this freak did so you havent died in vain and died peacefully in caring hands.....

    To the cunt who did this, I hope you get killed very soon................

    Sorry to Thread/Blog owner, I just hate this stuff...... and get me very angry...


    1. no need to say sorry..i echo your sentiments! thanks Gary.

  2. What heartless pieces of s--t live amongst us in this world...why do people like this have animals inthe first place...If you can't take care of an animal don;t do it a favor by adopting it and making it live a life of're not helping...

  3. I am sad to say that muslims are doing a lot of dogs abuse and they don´t see dogs as a god animal, they are seen like "dirty" animals through the quoran. They have no feelings for dogs and are also affraid of dogs. in Europe they have also done the same things with both dogs and other animals too. It is sad and it is not nice to know either. Sotrry to say this. It could be some one else too but I have seen and read so much that they have done both in my own country, Sweden and read about it from other countries around in Europe too.

    The dog’s coat was so severely matted, Animal Services officials determined the animal could not walk. He was in such critical condition, the dog had to be euthanized at the Department’s animal care center in Bonita that same day.
    Officials said no medical intervention could’ve reversed the dog's condition.
    Now, the Department is searching for the suspect(s) responsible in this animal cruelty case.
    Officials are asking witnesses or anyone with information to contact Deputy Director Dan DeSousa at (619) 767-2624 or Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-8477. A $1,000 reward is being offered by San Diego Animal Advocates for any information leading to an arrest or conviction in this case.
    If a suspect is arrested, he or she could face felony animal abuse charges, prison time and a $20,000 fine.

  5. I don't want to hate, it does not solve the problem. BUT, I am beginning to hate. It is like every day there is new news of another one of the earths creatures that has been tortured, neglected, abandoned. How can we help? By stopping it, I don't want anyone hurt, but if you see something that looks like harm is happening then stop right then get involved. Take pictures on your phone, call the police.. step in... You can save that pet from further hurt.

    Donate to your local non-kill shelters and never take a cat to a government run shelter unless it is a non-kill as 75 percent of all cats in shelters are put to sleep every year.

    Don't just read and say oh poor the shelter even 5.00 helps. With more money they can help more..

  6. I will NEVER be able to understand how someone could be so cold hearted and have such lack of concern for another living creature! My ONLY comfort in any of these matters is on their day before our true judge he gives them as little thought as they had in they time here opn earth! RIP Sweet boy May you run forever free with the wind at your face, a bone in your mouth, and with love all around you in warmth!!!