Monday, January 7, 2013

Puppy Taylor fights on after having throat slashed and left for dead in Portlaoise

Puppy Taylor fights on after having throat slashed and left for dead in Portlaoise. A FOUR-month-old puppy who had his throat slashed and was discovered dumped in Portlaoise, has undergone a two hour operation to save his life. The lurcher pup was discovered on Friday by children playing on the outskirts of a housing estate in Portlaoise, trapped between two six foot walls. A local dog rescue service was alerted and according to Cara Rescue Dogs’ Denise Quinn, nothing prepared them for what they discovered: “His throat was slashed from ear to ear, with several slashes. So much so the flesh was hanging open,” she explains. Gardai in Portlaoise are investigating the instance of animal cruelty and are seeking any information on the brutal attack. Please share this story, with the hope those responsible get caught.



    ANIMAL lovers have described the latest case of animal cruelty as ‘the single worst case of dog cruelty, brutality, pure savage evil ever in Laois.’

    The incident that has provoked such reaction occurred last Friday afternoon when members of Cara Rescue Dogs, the Laois-based voluntary animal charity came upon a pup trapped between two walls in a housing estate in Portlaoise with his throat slashed several times from ear-to-ear.

    A lurcher pup approximately four months old had his neck slashed several times to the point the skin was hanging off, the skin that was left that is. He was left for dead sandwiched between two walls.”