Sunday, January 20, 2013

The 269 controversy!

The 269 controversy!
The woman bringing horror of 'human branding' to Britain: Vegan to mark volunteer with hot iron in protest against animal cruelty.
Becky Folkard is a successful senior manager at a wealth management company. She dresses smartly and attends high-level business meetings in central London.
But on March 21, in broad daylight on a London street, grammar school-educated Becky will take hold of a specially-designed branding iron, measuring four inches across and two inches wide, and made scalding hot by a blowtorch.
Wearing a mask over her face and the over-sized apron of a slaughterhouse worker, she will then press the brand for several seconds into the bare chest of a man she met only recently over the internet, while he is restrained on the ground.
The iron will smoke as it sears his skin. His skin will blister and weep almost immediately and the brand will leave a wound so severe he will be permanently scarred with the numbers on the iron – 269.

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