Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Firecracker explodes in dog's mouth. RIP dear Tyson

Firecracker explodes in dog's mouth. RIP dear Tyson!
How extremely sad. Due to some stupid kids this poor dog has lost his life!
I would like to see those who did this punished.
Johannesburg - A young dog had to be put down after a firecracker exploded in his mouth, seriously injuring him. The dog’s emotional owner was in tears as she told how children had thrown a firecracker over the wall and into their garden during the holidays.
Tyson, an 18-month-old American pitbull cross, grabbed the firecracker like he always did with a ball before it went off, said Debbie Els.
“Tyson then went to lie under the tree. His tongue was torn, his intestines damaged. He was actually already dead. My husband poured water in his mouth and he lifted his head a little.”
The SPCA was called to the scene and he was put down.

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