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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Animal Shelter Signs Pardon To Stop Euthanasia For 13 Days

Thank you Macon-Bibb for granting a pardon for the animals.I have seen Janet & Shane Smith save many animals through pardons before.This is something that can happen in almost any shelter,buying time for the animals & actively networking them to save their lives.Establishing partnerships & friendships between shelters & rescues is paramount for the future of many homeless animals who face euthanasia.
Please share to make aware.
To look at a dog in need of adoption click on the link to the organizations public Facebook page.



  2. Stop brutalizing these innocent animals. Control the vicious humans to make the world a beter place not a dog.

  3. At last: a marvelous, heart-warming gesture of humanity from a shelter, as opposed to sadism on top of cruelty! THank you, Macon-Bibb!! xxxxxx

  4. PLEASE spare our pets and help them. Thank you