Friday, January 11, 2013

Bones - stolen out of Nwo-underdog Rescue is still missing - Please share and be on the lookout for him!

Bones - stolen out of Nwo-underdog Rescue is still missing - Please share and be on the lookout for him!
CONTACT INFO...large reward for his safe return.
Phones+1 419-508-5730
Address Toledo, OH


    Statement of Facts :
    On 1/13/2012 Bones was released from Brooklyn Center AC of New York to the custody of Richard Rosenthal of the Lexus Project. It cost $395.00 to get him out of doggie jail. The plan was for Richard and Robin Mittasch to transport him to a point where my professional Transport team could pick him up.
    Before they could even begin transport I received a panicked call from Robin stating Bones had gone crazy and ripped the baby gate from their van and was spinning it the parking lot with it. Richard was trying to grab the gate from Bones, but was not having any luck. She then stated they were having a vet tech come out to sedate Bones for the trip.
    When my transport met Richard and got Bones they did not have any trouble in fact I have pictures of him sitting in the back seat looking over the drivers shoulder.
    Bones spent the night at their house and was brought to Toledo the next morning.
    Bones arrived in Toledo and immediately began playing in the yard.
    Robin told me he was my dog now and he came with a $300.00 check the balance of the funds raised for his defense.
    Shortly after Bones was here he began training … hanging on the wall in the group dog class was a protection suit (used for attack training)
    Bones ripped that suit off the wall and attacked it. After class, the trainer and I did some tests and he determined Bones had been trained to attack but not trained to release.
    It was at this time, that I told Robin that Bones would probably never be adoptable because of the 4 pages of bite reports from New York and the attack training.
    She said I’m sorry he’s going to take up a spot in your rescue, I said I am happy to keep him he’s a good boy for me. A year went by before I spoke with Robin again. I did send her a few photos with my cell phone, as I will often do when someone has helped save the dogs life.
    NWO-Underdog Rescue Inc. is a 501c3 Non Profit Animal rescue. I specialize in dogs with behavior issues. The dogs everyone else passes by or gives up on. I am dedicated to these dogs and they stay with me until they are ready to be adopted, regardless if they are funded or not. The rescue itself, USED to be a garage and was finished in 2006. It is insulated sound proofed and has heat and air conditioning. There are 10 dogs in there.
    The other 5 dogs are my dogs and they live in the house with me.
    On January 5th 2013 between the hours of 8am and 9pm. Someone broke a door on the side of the rescue and stole Bones. He’s a good boy, so I am sure he walked right out with them… they also took his new blanket he got for Christmas and his toy.
    On Sunday January 6, 2013 at 9:30 am a police report was filed.
    Flyers were created and distributed, Julie Lyle the dog warden was notified.
    A media crusade was launched to get the word out. I would like to thank the media.
    Toledo Blade interviewed me for an article that ran on January 7, 2013.
    Channel 13 also interviewed me
    Channel 11 also did a video segment.

  2. At some point Robin Mittasch of the Lexus Project began to feel I was not doing enough to find Bones. It was at that time that the page “Bones Battle” Originally created while Bones was in NY AC by Jayne Cvetonaski and myself was taken over by Robin of the Lexus Project and a slander campaign began against NWO-Underdog Rescue Inc.
    We had permitted someone from TLP to have administration rights on the page to help share dogs they were trying to help.
    In the last 36 hours INSTEAD of looking for Bones they have slandered every way they possibly can. Including but not limited to, having people drive by here and posting the address and house specifications and inviting people to come check us out.
    This is a huge safety issue for the other high profile dogs in my care.
    So to answer someone’s question as to why I am not on here defending myself.
    1) My first priority is running down leads generated by flyers and news media.
    2) My second priority securing a safe place for the remaining dogs.
    The remaining dogs have been moved to a secure location.
    I will not be answering questions, I do not have time to sit on facebook all day.
    No one who is sitting on Facebook all day can possibly be doing anything for any living creature in his or her care.
    Toledo Police have been notified and ANOTHER police report has been filed, for menacing this time. Driving by here is stalking. Stepping onto the property is trespassing. You will be charged.
    For the people out there that are truly interested in helping find Bones by posting flyers you can inbox me and I will send you the flyer to print out and distribute.