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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hunt for killer pack of dogs after death..

TRAGIC! I hope that these men and their pack of dogs are found soon! This should NOT be allowed to happen. What poor innocent animal will be next? A family has been left distraught after their beloved pet cat was ripped apart by a pack of killer dogs. Twelve-year-old Alabama was torn to pieces while Gideon and Julie Groom and their daughters Avie, five, and Isabella, two were out. They were told by neighbours who witnessed the attack that she had been savaged by hunting dogs close to their Horsforth home in Leeds. A West Yorkshire Police spokesman confirmed the incident had been reported. He said: “Officers searched the area to try to trace the five men and nine dogs reported to have been involved but could not find them. The local neighbourhood policing team has been informed.”


  1. NEWS LINK..

  2. What a horrifying thing to happen to this poor, precious little cat! RIP, Sweet Little Alabama!! :(

  3. Horrible ..very sad ..when people use other animals for thete enjoyment ...very sick ...cowards ...