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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Please express your outrage at this unbelievable cruelty

SAN ANTONIO and share.
Please express your outrage at this unbelievable cruelty by emailing:
Please email San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro’s Chief of Staff at

If you were walking down the sidewalk and saw a terrified dog with a rope noose around its neck being dragged across an asphalt street by a man, would you be outraged at the blatant cruelty? 

What if you witnessed the same man drag not one but two dogs along the ground???

This is exactly what occurred on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 when Vincent Medley, San Antonio Animal Care Services Assistant Director, dragged frightened dogs from a home during a seizure.

Instead of bringing crates to the dogs, Medley and his sadistic employees utilized catch poles and rope nooses to parade the seized dogs in front of media cameras.

Watch the cruelty here:

Medley noted in multiple media reports that ACS was aware of this neglect and cruelty case for months and even a year. Yet ACS still allowed the owner to continue to abuse and mistreat these poor dogs.

ACS has a documented history of abusive handling of animals under Medley’s leadership. 

Accordingly, Medley needs to be fired and charged with animal cruelty.

Most likely, ACS will kill the seized dogs instead of releasing them to rescue. As long as the dogs are considered evidence in an ongoing investigation, it is easier for ACS to claim the dogs had “issues” that required immediate euthanasia instead of holding the dogs for the duration of the investigation. 

Please email San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro’s Chief of Staff at

 Ask that the mayor instruct ACS Director Kathy Davis to charge Vincent Medley with animal cruelty and to immediately fire him.
 Also ask the that the dogs be evaluated by an independent vet before euthanizing them.


  1. I've sent the email. What a bastard. Big man - small woof.

    1. ok yes this may look bad but the dogs had bit before you never want to risk a bite from a dog especially one you dont know how clean they really are... this is not abuse

    2. SORRY?????????????? this is not abuse? If you did something wrong, would you like to be dragged around the street with a rope around your neck? You could defend yourself, a dog can't! And no animal should be traited like this!!!!!

    3. to all those ingnorent on earth just put yourself in that dog situation and than for sure everyone would feel ABUSED

    4. Seriously U need to read the article, before U express an irresponsible response. This is Cruelty/Abuse to the MAX! I say this from experience as a previous caretaker of animals at a, Shelter. This is NO WAY to retrieve an animal under any circumstances...even ones whom have turned FERAL, are captured HUMANELY. I spent many day's going to wooded areas in search of dog packs seen by, concerned Farmers for their livestock. Once tracked I would leave drugged food and wait, and wait, whatever time it took. "PATIENCE" is the 'Name of the Game'. Once sedated the DANGER is lifted, and the outcome for ALL involoved is a Great One!
      These Dog's could have been easily put into crates, using the said POLE (standardly used, but in a proper manner) then the said crates, carried to awaiting transportation. As noted in this Article, the Person who is in charge of all these inhumane dealings, is already under scrutiny.
      There is absolutely, 'NO EXCUSE' for these. 'BARBARIC' actions. Watch other Video's of Rescues, seemingly dangerous dogs can within hours of kindness, become trustworthy. Seems this person in charge does not have the TIME to do his JOB, in a PROPER/HUMANE WAY. I say we MUST have him removed from his position, his type is not for this. PLEASE HELP! 'HE MUST BE STOPPED', 4 GOOD.

    5. Seems with all the 'Technology' we have disposed to our fingertips, is not good enough. The 'IGNORANCE' is ALARMING! WHY CAN ONE NOT SEE THE WRONG IN THIS...PROPABLY UPBRINGING & LACK of EDUCATION. PLEASE LEARN OF ALL DETAILS and more important UNDERSTAND THEM, BEFORE MAKING STATEMENTS. THIS IS ABUSE IN the WORST WAY, and was AVOIDABLE. 'NO EXCUSE'
      this person is not compassionate and this must be a TRAIT, in order to be a 'HUMANE OFFICER'. PLEASE remove the Person(s) responsible for these 'BARBARIC' ACTIONS.......SINCERELY, Thank you

    6. Anyone that says that what Vincent Medley did that day is not abuse, needs their senses tested. If one is employed in animal services one must employ some compassion when dealing with seizures of animals already mistreated, and treat the animal they are seizing with dignity and consideration. I did not see any display of consideration for the dogs, only the media that were reporting. What is the point of an officer in a position of trust involved with animal services, so say seizing the dogs from an abusive situation, if the person with that trust ends up inflicting the same abuse. What Vincent Medley should have done is bring the crates transporting the dogs, out of the van and into the house to get the dogs safely away from hoards of photographers and get them straight to a veterinarian. Whether the dog be part of an investigation or not, they should not be denied basic care.

  2. Watch the cruelty here:


    1. Instead of dragging these poor scared dogs at the end of a rope or catch pole, why didn't they muzzle them and carry them to the truck? or Better Yet, use pet carriers and put them into those upon capture and then into the truck/van? There are so many other ways these non-social dogs could have been handled.

      The reporter in the video should be ashamed of herself for allowing her camera man to film the dogs being mistreated, but if she hadn't there'd not be any proof of additional abuse at the hands of SAACS, that I can see but her attitude (physical and verbally complaining about the stench was unnecessary.

      I don't think much of the SAACS to begin with but to think these two who handled these small dogs so poorly won't even be sanctioned really pisses me off. Believe me, my letter will not pull any punches.

      Thoroughly disgusting situation for these poor dogs and behaviors on the part of SAACS.

  3. If this is Animal Care Services at work in San Antonio, I'd be terrified to witness ANIMAL ABUSE up close and personal! This sick pile of vomit is NOT a care specialist in any sense of the word: HE IS A FLAMING SOCIOPATH devoid of decency and mercy!!! How would he like it if a 20-foot tall Ogre dragged him by a rope attached to his neck!!!????

    1. A black man with a noose around his neck! OMG I cant even imagine the s**t storm that would cause.Look out, here comes Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Someone would be going to the chair.Maybe someday our government will pass some harsh laws to protect animals and their rights,maybe.

    2. I CAN HEAR, "MARTIN LUTHER KING JR." stating one of his famous QUOTE's. " Never,Never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul, when we look the other way".

  4. Fire that idiot and the courts should make him, never to work with animals again, and he should never be allowed to own a animal. He should be roped and dragged also.

  5. They should care and respect. Obviously a man with no integrity being employed. Fire him.

  6. Unbelievable! Sick person with mental deviation. So sad! Put him in jail for the rest of his poor life. Garbage!

    Unless these dogs are free of this shit of human.

    "More I know some human beings, more I love my dog"!

  7. I am very angry on how this poor creature is treated by being dragged by a rope.

  8. Gosh they talk about the cruelty that the animals endured and then they inflict more cruelty. Awww I thought the whole point was to give the dogs a better life and not to hurt them even more. Yes the insanity of the world we live in that the authorities cause more pain than good. I am also living with the reality of this on a day to day basis and you see it all over the world and I guess we can even see it as far back as 2013 years. When Jesus was put on the cross by the government of the day. Yes it has not changed. Those with power create most evil. Peace

  9. Fire this man and any others who commit such acts of cruelty

  10. Uhm, what's actually deplorable here is how many of you are so quick to lash out when you have clearly never worked with feral animals before. Did you have any idea that they put the brakes on, will stop, flip over, flail, gator roll, etc when they have a leash on them, when theyve never seen a leash before? Regardless of how loose or gentle you may be with them in that moment, they are scared yes, they are frozen in fear. So they shut down. Or they lash out and attack, hurting themselves as well as others. Believe it or not a catchpole or leash is the quickest and safest way to get them out of harms way and in a calm controlled environment. I know most of you think that all dogs are sunshine and lollipops, but only if they've learned that behavior. If the animal services people were to take each dog thet was flailing in fear and coddle and cajole them in that state, saying, "Its okay its alright, good dog" one of two things would happen: one, they wouldn't register any of it because they've never had human interaction, and again-they've already shut down mentally. Or two, if they werent shut down, they would learn extreme fear begets consoloation, ie fear is good. So, getting them quickly and safely to the truck to get them to a quieter nicer area where the staff can THEN work on building relationships is more conducive to the health of the pet. Just because you see a catch pole or leash pulled tight doesn't mean anyone is choking them. It also prevents the humans from getting bit or the animal from getting loose. If they go try to sweet talk and cuddle up to a terrified dog, then gets bit, what happens without having the leash or catchpole around them? They bite the person trying to baby them, the person lets loose automatically and now you've gota terrified or angry dog loose with no history of a rabies vaccine. Yeah that sounds like a winwin situation. Most people don't go into that line of work because they hate animals, you fucking morons. And of course no one saw how desperately they were trying to get them to eat and drink. Or how some were being petted despite being on the tight leash or pole. Yeah, such humanitarians you are! Go work in a shelter or animal control for amonth and you'll see, it's not always what your small minds jump to conclude.

    1. you just lost all credibiltiy with your ramblings and abusive language.

    2. Agree. I love animals and detest cruelty but really don't see that here- except on the part of the owner.

    3. They should have brought animal carriers with them instead of dragging them along the ground.

    4. Well if you would like to stand up for this uncaring piece of sh*t maybe i could show you what it feels like to be drug across blacktop . i know a few people who work in the field and they would never keep dragging an animal like this .

    5. I would have to agree. If they were dragging each dog out or using deadly force, then yes, by all means lash out, but anyone who has had the "privilege" of interacting with a dog in less than poor conditions knows that the best thing for everyone is to get them quickly and safely out of the situation.

      I see officers who are doing the best they can with their resources. It would be more proactive to donate carriers than to lash out. Write a letter and ask if you can donate money to the purchase of new carriers or an address to mail one. Maybe they are money strapped like all the other animal control facilities throughout the country and do not have funding for proper equipment. The officer on camera had a genuine concern in his voice for the well being of the animals.

      You can clearly see them documenting the situation for later persecution, trying to get the dogs to eat and drink, and petting them. Not every dog raised in these conditions is going to be a model citizen.

      And the dogs are not helpless. They have teeth and claws. A scared dog who has no idea what is going on is fully capable of causing damage.

    6. Your a fucking moron too! Your telling me you work with animals also? Pretty damn scary if you agree with the way that piece of shit was dragging them dogs! I've watched many animal rescue shows and have never seen dogs dragged across the street! He could have brought crates inside the home and brought them out that way. There is no way an animal lover that works with animals treats them as this low life did. He should lose his job and be charged with animal cruelty.

    7. Sorry but someone else said that you just lost all of your credibility here by your abusive rambling.

      I am an animal rescuer and have been for about 20 years. I have rescued animals and I have been bitten a few times. It takes patience and love for an animal to capture them. There are many ways to capture without hurting the poor scared animal.

      So don't call us a small minded because many of us know the right way to do it.!
      This imbecil in the picture should go to jail for animal abuse and be fired!

  11. This is humane? This dog was having a seizure! Someone needs to put a rope around this so called "animal care" LEADER and drag him around to be paraded in front of the media!

  12. Here is my letter.. I also posted to facebook.. and will blog it through my pet blog and tweet it..

    January 27,2013
    Dear Mayor Julián Castro,
    San Antonio, Texas, USA

    Sir, it has come to my attention that on Tuesday, January 22, 2013, your Animal Care Services Assistant Director Vincent Medley, removed 19 Dogs from a home seizure.

    Removing the Dogs after months even a year of knowledge about the abuse these dogs were receiving you would think the “HUMAINE” thing to do would be remove them yes?…… But no Assistant Director Vincent Medley seemed more interested in creating a scene for the media. He and his staff further traumatized the 19 dogs by using catch poles “DRAGGING” them across the street instead of using crates to remove them.

    Watch the video here:

    In my opinion this was a set up for the media cameras. Any person, I refuse to use the word human, as his actions were not humane; that would further traumatize these dogs needs to be fired immediately.

    Further, It is my opinion, that instead of releasing these dogs to a non kill shelter, that some drummed up "issues" that requires immediate euthanasia will be used instead of holding the dogs for the duration of the investigation.

    Mayor Castro, ACS has a documented history of abusive handling of animals under Medley's leadership. Please, instruct ACS Director Kathy Davis to charge Vincent Medley with animal cruelty and to immediately fire him and the assistants that participated in this shameful event.

    Also ask the that the dogs be evaluated by an independent vet before euthanizing them.

    Mayor Castro remember what Mahatma Gandhi said "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the manner in which its animals are treated"

    So can the greatness of a Texas City.

    I am posting my letter to you on facebook

    Thank you for your time, I’ll expect some action to be taken on this shameful matter as soon as possible.

    Nelda L. Percival
    SSGT, USArmy retired
    644 Warbonnet Road,
    Roach, Missouri 65787

    Turn FaceBook ORANGE - For Animal Cruelty Awareness
    if you see it: Stop it - Record it - Report it! - Only you can prevent it! raising awareness and funds to stop animal suffering in Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina
    They really need help, even a dollar or two helps some.


  13. I'm a Christian and I try my best to act like one, but when I see or hear of something like this S.O.B. did it is an outrage in every way!!! Cop or not someone needs to put a rope around that BASTARD'S neck and you're it to a car and drag him down the road to let him see what it feels like!!! BETTER YET...SEND THAT S.O.B. HERE TO BAILEY,NC WHERE I STAY AT AND I'LL SHOW THE BASTARD HOW HE MADE THOSE ANIMALS FEEL!!! I'LL DO IT MYSELF!!! I DON'T GIVE A DAMN OF HE'S A COP OR NOT!!! HE DESERVES A GOOD OLD NASH COUNTY ASS WHOOPING AND I'LL GLADLY GIVE IT TO HIM!!! Tell this POOR EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN...MUCH LESS A SO CALLED COP that Jeff Bissette from Bailey,NC SAID SO! If he were here in my neck of the Woods he would not last long!!!


  15. San Antonio is a "Progressive" town. Progressives are not known for their compassion to animals.

    Animals like dogs do not serve the state. If a human or animal does not serve the state, if they are a drain on the state, they are eliminated.

    Mayor Castro does not care about San Antonio, he's more concerned about his career in politics. His eye is on the national stage. SanAntonio is only a stepping stone for him

  16. Vincent Medley should be fired. This dogs should have been moved in crates.

  17. This scumbag needs to be fired. This is not at all acceptable. He did this all wrong, and he should not EVER be allowed to work around animals ever again. If he did this in front of the cameras, I shudder to think of what he's done behind them. What a sicko.

    1. thankyou , and yes this man and the rest of the AC Officers need to learn some basic kindness...

  18. San Antonio is known for it's many atrocities against dogs. Many dogs are not shown in their lost dog website, thereby countless dogs are never reunited with their familes and needlessly destroyed.

    Good luck with getting the mayor and city officials to change things, San Antonio area rescue groups have tried for many years and their pleas fall on deaf ears.

    Dogs and cats don't vote so therefore are useless to these politicians who only think of their hold on power.

    I hope I'm wrong.

  19. I tried to send an email and got this reply.... Your e-mail contains the following invalid e-mail address(es):
    I do not know why the email did not send when others could send one.Unless the email address was discontinued.Please advise. These dogs AND others they treated cruelly need to see JUSTICE for the way they were treated.These cruel handlers must pay.

    1. Hi PEGGY...
      Use this email>>

  20. I sent an e-mail letter out on the issue,
    and warned that sugar-coating the issue or
    "sweeping it under the rug", will result in
    serious consequences thereof.
    This is what I wrote:
    "To Whom It May Concern;
    This is inexcusable and unacceptable.
    It's time to stop sweeping the issue under the rug.
    Animal crulty of ANY kind has no place ANYWHERE on this Earth in our modern era,
    and the time is now for officials to stop talkin' the talk and start taking swift action
    by having Vincent Medley terminated from his position of employment,
    and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law on charges of animal cruelty!
    No more sugar-coating the issue with spins and empty promises.
    No more excuses and media side-shows!
    ~Action Speaks Louder Than Words~

    City officials should also be forewarned that apathy or doing
    nothing to resolve this issue and/or covering it up with lies and propaganda
    is the same as advocating criminal activity (a criminal offense),
    along with obstruction of justice..
    (which may result in a criminal investigation and prosecution of city officials)

    We, as animal lovers, near, far, and wide,
    are not gonna fade away into the sunset
    until ALL animal cruelty is done away with forever,
    and failure or refusal to resolve this issue,
    just to maintain the status quo of animal cruelty,
    will result in a full-scale economic and tourism boycott of San Antonio,
    and legal action will/may also be taken on charges
    of collusion with/pandering to the animal abuser.
    Animal cuelty is not entertainment nor a laughing matter.
    It is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed
    with immediate action, not lip-service.
    'Cause talk is cheap; Action speaks louder than words.

    Please consider this matter with great urgency and act promptly.
    The Whole World Is Watching.

    Thank you.."

      THANK YOU ALL, for your VOICE. 'ROAR' if U MUST...

  21. That's so sad =( Animals are people too! But then Man is inhumane to man too!!!

  22. Undoubtedly a tough guy. I'd love to see this bastard doing it here in my neighborhood. You'd be fried in a blink. I saw people here dragging a bastard like you by the neck for much less. He just kicked a poor dog for no reason and ended up in the Intensive Care. Luckily he didn't die but I'm sure he saw death right before his eyes. If people had done the same to this monster, I bet he would think twice before abusing any living being.

  23. that guy should be dragged down the road to see how these dogs suffered by his hand. they should try and save the dogs too not kill them

  24. Email sent. Great to know tax dollars are being used to pay this individual to victimize instead of rescue.

  25. I too sent an e-mail asking that this man be prosecuted! Dragging the dog is NOT the answer, no matter what the situation!

  26. I've written to Mayor Julian Castro requesting charges against Vincent Medley,changes in procedures & training/instruction to superiors and staff of San Antonio Animal Care Services. I have advised other animal advocates via my FB page (link given to Mayor Castro, as well). I ask that others involve their family, friends and fellow animal advocates to voice their concerns via the email address provided and use your Facebook page to create the *ripple effect*. SAACS is not representative of *care* services. And, San Antonio, has a large community of compassioned people. Our community needs that represented in all services to the vulnerable.Please email San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro's Chief of Staff at

  27. On Tuesday, January 22, 2013 , San Antonio Animal Care Services Assistant Director, dragged frightened dogs from a home during a seizure. Instead of bringing crates to the dogs, Medley and his sadistic employees utilized catch poles and rope nooses to parade the seized dogs in front of media cameras.

    What kind of evil are you permitting to go on with your Animal Care Services? These dogs have already spent their time

    in hell and do not deserve this kind of treatment from "rescuers"

    These "responders" to the situation have broken the law and committed animal abuse. They should be held accountable for

    their actions including loss of employment, fines and jail time. If you let this go on then you yourself are guilty of the

    same abuse and should be held accountable.


  29. When is that piece of garbage going to get fired? The problem is that on low paying jobs like that compassion and love toward animals aren't required. Animals are treated worse than
    garbage. The garbage is the person who abuses and takes advantage of a helpless and scare animal.

  30. mail sent,, this bloke needs a good slap and then dragged around by barbed wire wrapped round his kneck.

  31. They should investigate their animal control and if they don't fire and punish people like him,they should be closed down

  32. These poor animals had gone through enough already as it is. These people were supposed to be there to save them and make the poor darlings feel safe. They obviously don't care about the animals. If they don't, they shouldn't be allowed to work with animals. Period.

  33. it is very clear that these guys are in the wrong job and.not only should they be removed from it but legally charged! Totally disgusting!!!!!!!

  34. Unbelievable sadist jerk. Shame on hin.

  35. Where has the Humanity gone in Humans

  36. This is my email in case anyobe wanted to borrow my verbage...
    Dear Mayor Castro,
    The news video I saw today on YouTube has me outraged.  I'm referring to the January 22, 2013 news report footage of abused dogs being removed from a home in a disturbing and sadistic manner at the hands of some San Antonio Animal Care Service employees.  

    The cruelty these poor abused dogs had to endure was horrific enough, but the sadistic way many of the dogs were removed by ACS was unbelievable!  The way Vincent Medley, the ACS Assistant Director DRAGGED frightened, ill dogs on their backs over hard concrete from the home was SADISTIC and ANIMAL CRUELTY in itself. Whether you have pets or not, this is quite disturbing. 
    Where were the crates that TRUE ANIMAL CONTROL employees bring to seizues?  Is San Antonio ACS that primative? Their department is run like that of a 3rd world organization's.  It is NOT HUMANE to use catch poles and rope nooses to strangle and traumatize dogs while parading them in front of media cameras. ASC workers need to use these devices properly...not use them as torture devices.

    MOREOVER, Medley and the ACS were aware of this ongoing neglect and cruelty case for a year but allowed the owner to continue to abuse these poor dogs!    You can say they continued to suffer for a year at the hands of Medley and the San Antonio ACS!   THAT IS CRIMINAL!

    I've also learned that ACS has a history of abusive handling of animals under Medley's leadership. Apparently this is the as usual for them.There is a special place in HELL for people like Medley and the ACS employees that pretend to be animal advocates but are actually abusers thenselves.

    Sir, you have an obligation to have Medley fired, charged with animal cruelty and banned from ever working with animals again.You are the mayor, therefore you have the authority to instruct ACS Director Kathy Davis to charge Vincent Medley with animal cruelty and to immediately fire him. Also if ACS intends to kill the seized dogs instead of giving them to a rescue organization, you need to question their motives. These dogs must be evaluated by an independent vet before being euthanized and if their health allows, the dogs should be held for the duration of the investigation and/or given to good homes. 

    Mayor, please do not allow dogs to continue to SUFFER under this pathetic ACS leadership.  Otherwise, Causes will not forget and I guarantee your political career will SUFFER. As a watchdog for dogs,  I will be watching closely to see that you do the right thing.  

  37. Apparently nothing much has been done since the old days of forth tongue Lampert. And all that talk about becoming a No Kill Shelter. The same fowl mentally and mistreatment of animals is alive and well at San Antonio's Animal Care Services. When I first heard this name...I didn't know what place they were talking about because the name is so misleading. This Vincent Medley is the new breed of animal abuser at this hell hole...he doesn't mine showing the abuse on camera because like many heartless animal abusers...this isn't's the norm. Can you imagine what goes on behind closed doors. Any political official who continues to allow this abuse is guilty of the same and needs to be voted out of office. It's easy to sit and show your outrage on this website where few see how about getting off your butts and all of us get together and protest at ACS. Post flyers, email local groups lets set a date and protest offen. People need to know...write to the news papers...we are the only voice these poor animals have to defend them. I'm old but will go if someone can set this up.