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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wausau Wisconsin creates Animal Control program ..some calling it - Mary's Law!

Wausau creates Animal Control program ..some calling it - Mary's Law! SEAN D JANAS killed her boyfriend - STEVE KUICK'S 4 year old dog named Mary back in June 2012. Mary was subjected to torture over many months by Janas and then was stabbed to death. Janas' diary is held as evidence in this animal cruelty case. Prosecutors say Janas poisoned her boyfriend's dog, a German shepherd-Labrador mix named Mary, and tortured the animal before the 4-year-old dog died in June. Link: WAUSAU, WI (WSAU) - Wausau now has an animal control program. The City Council passed the resolution creating an animal control program. It’s the program some refer to as “Mary’s Law.” Alderman Keene Winters says the new program is a step in the right direction. It provides for one full-time animal control officer and two part-time animal control people based in Wausau that will serve several participating Marathon County communities.


  1. Hi Jayne, i'm a portuguese translator and an animal lover like you. I believe in justice and also believe that animals need our protection and our voice to avoid beeing abused from scums like Sean. We don't own animals, they are not just "something" to do what ever comes to our mind! If we have pets we have the obligation of giving them care, love, schelter and to be responsable for them! The world is going in a way that people do anything to get money and that includes animal cruelty! I suffer so much when i think about all the animals that are suffering right now. All the animals from fur farms are exposed to extreme cruelty and abuse! They live in countris where don't even exist animal abuse's laws! This has to change!
    Jayne, i whant to congratulate you and your team for your grate work and dedication to animals and whant to tell you that you can always count with my support. THANK YOU!
    Merry Christmas and that New Year will bring us more achievements on animal cruelty!
    Be blessed you all!

    Isabel Vasconcelos Abreu

  2. She should be put though what she did to that dog jail ant good enough for her she need to be torchered and stuff she shouldn't get away with that.