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Thursday, December 27, 2012

RIP to Brody. PTS by Lino Lake Officials.

RIP to Brody. PTS by Lino Lake Officials. Brody's owner fought for years to save his dog's life, but that battle is now permanently over. The golden retriever/chow mix at the center of the two-year legal battle, was destroyed on Friday following a ruling by the Minnesota Supreme Court which allowed Lino Lakes, Minn. officials to kill him...states Saturday's Los Angeles Times. The four-year-old dog was seized two years ago for biting multiple people, and since that time, was held in a kennel, away from his owner - labeled as a "dangerous dog." Sawh's dog bit three people prior to his seizure. Those bites, according to Sawh, were caused by a dog who was either startled, or who was protecting his property. What do you think? Is Brody's owner solely to blame? Is this just another tragic case of irresponsible pet ownership? Could Brody's - should Brody's owner, have taken more steps to train him, not to bite? Full story link:

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