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Sunday, December 23, 2012

ANIMAL ABUSE AT -Bettencourt Dairies IDAHO DAIRY FARM! - when will this cruelty end?

ANIMAL ABUSE AT -Bettencourt Dairies IDAHO DAIRY FARM! - when will this cruelty end? LINK: Animal protection organization Mercy for Animals reveals Idaho dairy cow abuse.. An undercover video of egregious animal abuse in Hansen, Idaho at Bettencourt Dairies was released to the public on Wednesday by animal protection organization Mercy for Animals. The Chicago based organization's representative worked undercover at the Dry Creek Dairy in Hansen this past summer and secretly videotaped the violent and appalling treatment of cows. The video, and be warned that it is very disturbing, showed workers kicking, punching, and beating cows in the face and body. One employee repeatedly used a pink cane to whip a cow for not doing what the employee wanted her to do. When a cow got her leg caught in the metal bar of the milking stall, a worker repeatedly beat her. A downed cow was cruelly dragged out of the barn by a heavy chain around her neck on a cement floor with a tractor. Another cow cried out in pain while the employee whipped and kicked her. Please read and share the October 11th 2012 EXAMINER News story>> ANIMAL CRUELTY at >>> BETTENCOURT DAIRIES...Dry Creek Dairy Hansen Idaho. *** WARNING- this 3 minute video is distressing! *** Link>> Three former dairy workers with Idaho's largest dairy operation have been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty after undercover video shot by an animal rights group showed workers stomping, dragging and beating cows inside a milking barn. The video was shot using a hidden camera by a member of Mercy for Animals who got a job at Bettencourt Dairies' Dry Creek Dairy in Hansen for a few weeks this summer. It shows workers at the dairy beating cows with a pink cane as the animals slipped and slid on the wet concrete floor; workers kicking, shoving and stomping cows that have fallen between the metal bars in the milking stalls; and a cow being dragged out of the barn by a chain around her neck as she lies prone on the concrete floor.

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