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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

BACKYARD BREEDING...Australian cruelty, please watch the video and share.

Ann Giles breeds dogs and sells them online. In 2010 she was ordered by VCAT to remove all animals from her property except for 5 dogs. She failed to comply. She also has been banned from owning horses, she still has 3. In 2011 this video was filmed and given to authorities. Ann Giles was charged with over 30 cruelty charges. Yesterday in the Bendigo Magistrates court, Ann once again was ordered to remove all animals from her property, however she can now keep 7 dogs. Ann has until February 2013 to 'sell off' the current puppies on the property. Ann must pay the RSPCA $1000 in costs and perform 150 hours community work. We do not believe this is in any way adequate. Ann should not be allowed to keep any animals at all. Ann has a history of failing to comply with court orders and animal cruelty. Justice was not served in Bendigo yesterday. And the real victims are the animals, the forgotten victims, still trapped by legislation that fails to protect them. This is why we need Oscar's Law, puppy factories and backyard breeding should be abolished, there is no excuse and there should never ever be second, third and fourth chances for animal abusers.

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  1. just shows how bad our legal system is.Why has a woman who has been charged with cruelty, been allowed to keep any animals. This is just stupid when this scum is a repeat offender.How many times does she have to do these things before there is some justice