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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

PETITION: JUSTICE FOR KOBI.. Shot and KILLED by Police in Hazel Crest!

NEWS STORY - December 26th 2012. Link: Hazel Crest Cops Shoot, Kill Dog During Search For Fugitive.. The search for a fugitive might have taken a tragic turn; Kenneth Conley escaped from the federal jail in downtown Chicago last week, and one suburban family said the search for Conley claimed the life of their beloved pet. FULL NEWS STORY and VIDEO IS IN THE LINK>> CONTACT - VILLAGE OF HAZEL CREST - Illinois. Phone:(708) 335-9600 Fax: (708) 335-9622 3000 W. 170th Place, Hazel Crest, Illinois 60429 Police dept. 335-9640 PETITION LINK:


  1. no dog deserves put down no matter what the charge its only 10-15 years so let it live because dosent that long to live as you and how much damage could in those year left in life. All animals have souls just u like it or not. You think that heaven or hell is only for humans its also every living creatures according to the bible

  2. i want see the shithead dead in his blood,eye for eye,tooth for tooth,that for the socalled religious which treat animals bad,they go directly to hell anyhow