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Sunday, December 23, 2012

ACT NOW for Elephants. Say NO to Ivory. Please join IFAW'S ELEPHANT MARCH!

ACT NOW for Elephants. Say NO to Ivory. Please join IFAW'S ELEPHANT MARCH! LINK: It's Time for action.. ACT NOW for Elephants. Say NO to Ivory. Join in IFAW's efforts to save elephants for future generations. In just the past year alone, more than 3,000 elephants have been killed for their ivory and there is no sign that it is letting up. We can't continue decimating elephants and other species for products nobody really needs. We must come together to reduce demand for ivory in China and other countries, and to protect elephants where they live. And we must ensure that the future for elephants is a more secure one. Educating our children from the youngest ages about elephants and conservation is very important. IFAW's Animal Action education programme, has helped to educate more than five-million young people around the world to take action to protect animals. More than 50,000 students over the past year have signed pledges, created art, and written letters to help IFAW protect elephants. And to date, more than 280,000 people have joined IFAW's Elephant March on social media. Earlier this year, IFAW staff members around the world handed over thousands of signatures to government officials in a coordinated and public display of support for elephant protection. That's the kind of action that can't be ignored -- that's the kind of action that will help save elephants. Children are the key to a better future for animals. We need to educate younger generations about what actions they can take to help protect animals. Visit IFAW's Animal Action web page today and learn about the many ways that young people can join the herd and help support our critical efforts. If you haven't already, please join IFAW's Elephant March. Together we can continue building a wave of support for protecting elephants from deadly poaching and illegal ivory trade. We need to speak up for elephants and other animals that can't speak for themselves. And we need more than just words - we need action. Please act today to help IFAW teach the next generation about animal protection and to help end the illegal ivory trade. IFAW'S animal action page link>>

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