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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tell Marathon County to adopt a “Mary’s Law”..

Tell Marathon County to adopt a “Mary’s Law”.. LINK: Tell Marathon County to adopt a "Mary's Law".. please email, fax, write or call the following people, and request that they help. Nov 5th news link: Letter: County needs improved animal control.. EDITOR: On Wednesday morning, hundreds of people gathered at the Marathon County Courthouse to demand justice for Mary, the dog whose life was ended by a series of senseless acts of cruelty, according to police. Each year, Marathon County dispatch receives nearly 2,000 calls about incidents involving cats and dogs. Unfortunately, with all the priorities law enforcement faces, those howling animal calls are too often set aside — and, potentially, the cries of another Mary go uninvestigated. Here is the tricky part: State law makes animal control a municipal responsibility. The county's 62 cities, villages and towns must act in cooperation. That is why I am calling on every local government in Marathon County to adopt a "Mary's Law" before the end of the year. These governments should raise their pet license fees by $5 for spayed or neutered animals and $10 per unaltered pet, and commit that money to an animal control program. There is something citizens can do, too. Please pay your pet license fees. Right now only 1 in 4 dog owners in Marathon County buys a license. We can do better. We cannot continue to let these calls go unanswered. Becky McElhaney, Wausau Editor's note: The Marathon County animal control task force meets at 5 p.m. Monday at the Sheriff's Training and Resource Center, 7255 Stewart Ave. in Wausau. The meeting is open to the public. Charge of the Task Force – Jean Maszk Review of Statutory Requirements for Counties & Municipalities – Scott Corbett Review of Humane Society Mission – Mary Kirlin History of Humane Society – Municipal Contracts Draft Vision of Animal Control for Marathon County – Deb Hager Sept 2012 Marathon County starts talks on adding animal control officers.. Meeting of the: PUBLIC HEALTH & SAFETY ANIMAL MANAGEMENT SUBCOMMITTEE Village of Weston Municipal Center, 5500 Schofield Ave., Schofield, WI Members: Keene Winters {c}, Lisa Rasmussen, Mary Essex, Rebecca McEhlaney, Richard Anklam, Karla Sathre Marathon County Courthouse 500 Forest St. Wausau WI 54403 Hours: 8AM to 4:30PM [Monday-Friday] Phone: (715) 261-1000 Fax: (715) 261-1515 PLEASE JOIN and share our Action group for Mary! Justice for Mary - Link: Many thanks JCv Australian Animal Advocate Nov 7th 2012

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