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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Follow ..Justice For Mary - Animal Advocacy

Hello and thankyou very much for visiting our blog. Justice for Mary - Animal Advocacy. While you are here, can you please help our blog to grow in numbers? On the (right hand) side of the blog you will see >> Follow ..Justice For Mary - Animal Advocacy My name is Jayne and i am an Australian Animal Advocate. I have many fb page and groups. My largest CAUSES group - Let's turn Facebook Orange for Animal Cruelty Awareness- has OVER 670,000 members who are EXTREMELY ACTIVE with helping animals in need worldwide. My other large advocacy group is - Justice for Mary - with over 242,000 active and supportive members. MANY THANKS for helping to take action for our animals.



  2. Hi, my name is Mark and I have been following this horrible case of abuse since this psychopath has been arrested. I'm happy and grateful that a blog for Mary has been started! I'm praying and hoping that justice will be served for Mary. I've written this petition to Congress and President Obama in hopes of getting tougher animal abuse laws put on the books. Please reference and sign petition in honor of Mary, and lets make some dramatic change that is much needed in this country towards the growing problem of animal cruelty and abuse. Thank you all very much for your support and help on this petition! ~ Mark, Las Vegas Nevada.