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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Don't tie up / chain your dogs!

Don't tie up / crate / or chain your dogs up! Dogs are intelligent and social animals. They love, and live for their humans company and affection. When they get habitually tied up or confined all day, everyday, it denies them their right to enjoy a happy and healthy life. Don't they have that basic right? When dogs are confined they can suffer intense boredom, and they will register their upset by protesting with howling or whining for attention throughout the day. Eventually, behavioural problems like aggression can result from habitual confinement. If people could play games with their pets like ‘catch’ with flying plastic discs and hide-and-seek type games this will keep their brain cells active while offering a source of entertainment to them. Confining your pets is harmful to not only their mental health and happiness but it is also harmful for their physical health. Obesity and heart related illnesses can be avoided through giving a healthy lifestyle for your dogs. Make 2013 a kind and more humane year for your pet, and if you see a dog that is habitually tied / chained / crated up each day, let their owner know that this is just not acceptable, it is an act of cruelty!

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