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Friday, February 5, 2010

NO HOT DOGS please...

Living in Australia...we obviously are living under the harsh sun. And right now down under we're in the latter stage of summer.
I saw something amusing the other day. And it was also warming to see.
Just wanted to share with you all..and see.. if any of you ,do the same thing for your beloved pets.
TO SLIP,SLOP, SLAP...we do it, should we do it to our pets?
For those non Aussies out there..
Slip put on a shirt. Slop: out on some sunscreen. And...Slap: put on a hat.
Do dogs get sunburnt? Well...yes they do.
Is it safe to put our sunscreens on our pets?
Their little noses, especially the fairer nosed dogs, can quite burnt, blister and peel...much like our own noses after a session in the sun.
Also..many dogs who have had their coats clipped over summer, do they need protection?
Can dogs and cats get skin cancer from the sun...well yes they can.
ANYWAY...this is what i saw down at my local beach for dogs the other day.
An elderly lady with her 2 dogs...little dogs ..not sure of their actual breed...?? Corgi crosses.
One dog had sunscreen on...WELL was a bright fluorescent green, matching her collar.
The other pooch had a little sunshirt on , with was funny watching this little dog, try to get them off. I sat and praised this wonderful lady for her love towards her pets..she just smiled and said..she "loved them".
A great day down at the Doggy beach In Newcastle NSW Australia.
Should we help our animals out.. when in the harsh sun?
Yes ..we should.
The message to slip, slop, slap should be for our wonderful animal friends too...Love to all..xoxo JayMerle.

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