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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feelings and Animals

Since founding the site to create a day for the animals on the planet, I have had the immense privilege of being connected with people all over the world who have the welfare of animals at heart, from the fans to active groups, to friends who join because they care! Wow!
As I peer into the minds of the people, the most striking and common threads are how difficult it is witness animal abuse, the anger it stirs, the compassion it generates, and most interestingly of all, how it differs from the compassion we feel for humans.
Why is that? Why do we look away when we see a hurt animal, yet slow down at the scene of an accident in morbid hope of catching a glimpse of a hurt human being? Why are we glued to images of human carnage but cannot tolerate images of abused animals? What cord does it strike?
I believe it is directly linked to feelings we hide from our fellow humans that become blatantly obvious when confronted with  them in a different species, a species who have no voice in the human world, and no defense against the carnage humans create. Humans have two distinct sides, their thinking brain and their feeling brain. Most of us are disconnected to some degree from our feeling side because of conditioning and upbringing, and the expression of our feelings is often taboo in our society. We are made to feel unsafe, yet cannot directly communicate that, only because we are so out of touch. Animals on the other hand, our 100% honest with their feelings. If you don't believe me, threaten any animal, and he will instantly show his anger, show compassion and understanding, and they come to you. Animals smell fear. So do we, we just don't recognise it, as we have been taught to hide our feelings.
Abuse of animals is directly connected to an acting out on the defenseless, as they respond honestly.So in some sick way, those who abuse are hitting back at sick humans who create sickness in their offspring, by denying feelings and the safe expression of them. Humans are taught to lie to survive. Animals don't lie, so humans try to punish them for their own lies. Since we cannot fight back except through a legal system, and the sickness is perpetuated everywhere in our society and our jails, we find ways to heal and feel through the animals to which we have become guardians on the planet. Jails who have inmates taking care of animals show a higher rehabilitation successes. Push this!
Who of us have not learned through our furry friends? I know I have. I know I have become a gentler, more connected person because of these wonderful creatures called animals. I know with certainty that there is something far greater than us to have created all of this. It is humans who create carnage, humans who are devoid of and disconnected from their spirituality, humans who fight unfairly. Animals are open and honest, even in their quest for dominance over one another. They are far more connected and accepting, and I truly believe part of our path to salvation is directly linked to and through them, exactly why we cannot look. . .it is looking at a part of ourselves that desperatley needs healing to which they are infinitely more connected.
Here is a interesting meaning of the word "religion". it comes from the latin , "religare", meaning to 'reconnect' or to heal. What are we reconnecting? The answer is simple. . .to reconnect out thoughts and words with our feelings. E-motion, energy in motion. We are all energy in motion, and we can learn a lot about reconnecting to our spiritual sides through animals, created by whatever we chose to call our Higher Being.
Why do we not already have an Intenational Day of Awareness? Because it would mean we have to look. . .

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  1. How true you speak dear Merle.
    Dysfunctional humans and the price we will pay...
    Watching the news on TV- we come to realise that the madness from last century hasnt abated. Greed, selfishness, exploitation, violence and cruelty are still with us in this 21st century.
    One aspect of the collective dysfunction of the human mind the terrible violence that we humans are inflicting on animals, on our own people and our beautiful Earth.
    Driven by the behaviours of fear, greed, the desire for power... and ignorance...when will we learn that if we keep this up, we will cause our own destruction ..sooner , rather than for thought??
    Trying to become a better person, is a commendable act, but it is an endeavour that wont ultimately succeed unless there is a shift in the consciousness, and an awakening to all around us. If the structures which make up our human minds remain as is..we will always recreate the same cruel world, the same evils. Its not what we do, but how we do..what we do, that determines whether we can fulfill our destiny's. We need to start educating our young people to the fact that there is beauty, kindness and goodness to be found in the simple things in life..and to get the message across that kindness towards all creatures is the way of the future...