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Sunday, February 7, 2010


The feral invasion.....In just over 150 years Australia has permanently changed its eco system.
One of the main causes in Mammal extinction is the introduction of feral pests....animals not native to our island home. These animals were brought here either for biological control, or recreational activities.
Foxes, camels , goats , horses and domestic dogs are but a few roaming free.
The most dangerous ferals in Australia ..are rabbits, cats , carp and toads.
Rabbits are in plague proportion..with the viruses (myxo and calici) that they released to kill them, no longer having much of an effect.
Feral cats are killing machines . Carp are an Asian pest which escaped from a flooded dam in 1961..and are now a major threat to our endangered Cod. Cane toads are dangerous ..relentlessly marching across Australia.
Can we avoid losing more native animals...whilst living with our unwanted foreign ferals?
OR..should we employ professional hunters  to cull them?
JayMerle   8/2/10
International Cruelty to Animals Awareness Day...Jan 27th.

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