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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Barking dogs...makes for nasty neighbours.
In NSW Australia, complaints against neighbours with pets are rising, with many a number of residents looking at mediation to help cope with the disputes.
Latest figures from the Community Justice Department show mediators have dealt with over 350 animal nuisance cases in 2009.
These mediation cases are costing the Department about $400 each case. Totalling around $152,000 for the 2009 financial year.
In the barking cases...many residents were unaware that their dog was barking whilst they were at work....prior to getting a letter for a mediation session.
Successful mediation sessions have resulted in many owners now being more aware of their need to take their dogs for more walks, and a spike in obedience classes has been noted..where the barking problems can be addressed.
Barking issues also make people a little nasty, with a desperate shift worker being unable to sleep ..trying to poison his neighbours dog.
Most people are fairly tolerant, but when it becomes unbearable.. the mediation sessions then kick in.
I guess we've all got to live together, our beloved pets best we can....dont we?
Do you have a barking dog problem where you live?...and how do you cope?
Me personally...i have a bat problem...the fruit bats, in the trees.. are very noisy for us at night.
17th Feb 2010.

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