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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Australian PUPPY MILLS and banning pet sales in petshops.

PUPPY MILLS...and the petshops.
AUSTRALIA has one of the highest rates of pet ownership.
Pets play a vital role in our society. NSW Australia alone, over 63,000 animals are killed. Lots more are dumped in our National parks or forests..causing havoc with our Native wildlife.
It is widely believed now that there are strong links between pet shops/ puppy mills and the high number of pet dumpings.
PETS BOUGHT FROM PETSHOPS are often impulse buys...and little thought is put into their overall care.
Many backyard breeders and puppy mills often keep their animals in very cruel and poor conditions. These poor animals are continuously bred which keeps the monetary value of these underground industries alive.
A BILL OF RIGHTS...Animal ( Regulation of sale) is hoping to come into effect where the banning of the sale of cats and dogs in petshops is made.
People are becoming more aware now of the cruelty...and are calling for a Parliamentary inquiry.
If we had a more humane society..this would in turn help to end all the tragic unwanted animal dumpings...the sad and cruel killings of so many unwanted companion animals, and the extremely cruel mass breedings of the puppy mill animals that feed the pet industry.
JayMerle   25th Feb 2010

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  1. I personally do not feel that banning pet sales in petshops is the answer. Regulating where they get their animals is more rational. Petshops should face heavy fines for buying from puppy mills. Impulse buying is also an issue, but petshops may also be the only source for some people. High kill shelters are almost worse than pet shops. Once an animal is born, it needs care, period. Education is huge.Pet shops need to be able to prove where they got the animals. If they are fined heavily, they will avoid puppy mills. Petshop owners can be key to stopping puppy mills, which is the real problem. Puppy mill owners should face jail time. Educate, educate educate. Merle