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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Abuse in cyberspace

Since starting this the creation page on Facebook after hearing about one horrific story of animal abuse, I have learned so much about what really goes on in the world of animal abuse and about those who fight against it. The pictures and stories are haunting, the petitions too many to sign. Joy seems to be a world away for those abused. I feel almost guilty that we have two healthy, happy and somewhat overindulged dogs who have me wrapped around their cute paws! I lay next to them and wonder what is in their little heads, what lies behind those eyes.
There are many aspects to animal abuse, but the most disturbing is the use of cyberspace, via sites such as You Tube. Here perputrators get away with despicable acts anonymously, using the shock factor and an inflated sense of bravado to commit crimes against the innocent. These sick- minded people believe they are heros. I know there is a special place in hell for them. They commit murder in public, using defenseless creatures as their victims. These people are not only despicable excuses for humans, they are cowards. Their misguided acts of "courage" to video such acts to fit into their sick little societies are extreme acts of selfishness, devoid of anything sacred, and are pure evil. They will not go unpunished, whether in this world or the next.
I recently posted  a comment on the creation site, and our good members found two ways to let You Tube know it is not acceptable to not monitor and remove these videos.
Report by flagging the video on You Tube. Here is a picture link:

Next, use this form: DO NOT ABUSE THIS FORM. Use only if valid, and use appropriately!

And there is a petition to stop this on You Tube:

As Betsy said, report report report. Let the appropriate authorities know as soon as possible when abuse videos show up. Animal abuse is against the law and perputrators need to be prosecuted.
Be diplomatic and respectful in reporting. We want sites like You Tube to work with us, not against us!
Thank you team!! Please go to the comment made on this blog. Once again, You Tube is NOT the culprit. We want them to work WITH us, not against us. This cannot be emphazised enough!

Here are some additional links:
Websites to report animal abuse:

Government site to report internet abuse

1 comment:

  1. Hey just a reminder on that second link: Be careful!

    Short notes:
    DO NOT SPAM IT! It's the only one that can be found anymore due to misuse of them.
    BE KIND. They are not the culprits.
    Point out legalities! It's a legal form and this will help prevent excess consequences for you if you're appearing to use it right.
    Understand there may be consequences.

    Long version:
    Do NOT spam it - send one or two reports with as much information as possible if you feel the need. Be polite about it; they're not the ones posting this stuff and it's almost impossible to keep up with sites like that. Be absolutely sure to REPORT (flag) the individual videos - that's the absolute best way to let the powers that be know there's a problem with them and which ones are the problem videos. And know that misuse of that form can lead to serious consequences for youtube members at the very least (it's owned by google; I really wouldn't piss them off).

    But MOST of ALL be nice. While they may not be the best in the world for monitoring and removing everything that's wrong on their site, they are NOT the culprits here! They are simply a very busy organization. Politely remind them of the legal issues with such things, how dangerous it is, etc. Expect that a thousand other people or more may be doing the same and respect the fact they're going to have to go through them all.