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Sunday, February 7, 2010

ANIMAL ABUSE....and Children.

ANIMAL ABUSE and Children.
Animal welfare issues must include child welfare issues as an abused child will often take its anger out on an animal, who often are the nearest, easiest target.

Question...Why do children perform acts of cruelty?...and is counselling..punishment enough?

Children with a family history of abuse, and violence ..often abuse animals in turn.
To some people ...animal abuse isnt a major problem..or issue.
We as animal not agree with the violence has gotten out of hand..and we've had enough.
Therefore ..we must start addressing these problems by targetting our young, and hopefully we can mould a new generation of nurturing loving people.

Question...Why do children commit cruelty...what is their motivation?
Is is for control? Is it for shock others, sadism???

TV and media play a big part in corrupting our young.
On average, through their will see thousands of images of murders, acts of cruelty.
Children learn social skills through their parents or others.
Abused kids are often denied normal moral growth. Children exposed to cruelty are at great risk.
Children learn animal abuse through ..incest, sexual abuse..with their offenders often using the harm or death of an animal keep the child quiet.
Research is still being done to determine the age onset of childrens cruelty, gender, family that
intervention education can be started to prevent the onstart.
Cruelty to animals is often still a misdemeanor in the US..
That is why we need to keep voicing up worldwide for increased penalties and punishment for those who hurt innocent animals. We as parents, need to install a sense of self worth and a love for all creatures at an early age.
Do you agree or...have any ideas to share??

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  1. Well said Jayne! We can pick up on future issues through watching children and how they treat animals. It is a well known fact that those who mistreat animals go on to commit crimes against humanity. Young children and young women are especially victims and targets.It all begins in the home.