Thursday, June 20, 2013

PETITIONS - against the Bull runs in Florida USA!

As thousands of people fight against the age old tradition of "bull running" in Spain, Rob Dickens of The Great Bull Run, LLC is starting the tradition in USA. 
The first bull run is to take place in Florida on Aug 24.
Sadly on their Facebook page, they already have 52,000+ fans, which goes to prove that when people are given permission to torture an animal in ANY country there is always plenty of takers that seem happy to do so! 
The bulls are hugely stressed during this ordeal, some die of heat exhaustion or heart attack. 

Many break bones slipping on concrete, as they believe they are running for their lives, which i guess they pretty much well are :( 

Please sign the two petitions... 

Please visit their Facebook page, and tell them what you think... 
(You will probably be banned, but please speak out).

Please also email the organisers to tell them what you think of their money spinning venture: 

Photo and info from Spanish Animal Defenders 

Please share widely - thank you.

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  1. Hi, I have the page on Facebook "Halt the Great Bull Runs in America" (formerly for VA only). I also made the petition you refer to, thanks for sending folks to us!!

    Things are heating up for the remaining states where it is to occur (GA, IL, MN, CA, TX, PA, FL).

    Both Illinois and Minnesota have their own pages on Facebook:

    IL -
    MN -

    There is a petition to be delivered to Obama:

    Other petitions (you can sign them all!):





    Utah decision to host event is pending.

    Your help is AWESOME, thank you!