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Saturday, June 15, 2013

PETITION : We demand the University of Limerick expel the students that lured a little dog to his death.

We demand the University of Limerick expel the students that lured a little dog to his death.

To: PROFESSOR DON BARRY - PRESIDENT of the University of Limerick

We the undersigned demand that you Professor Don Barry and your Governing Authority sub-committees begin an investigation to find and then expel the students involved in the death of a little innocent dog.
The University of Limerick prides itself on its good relations and reputable name, so please take action over the anti social behaviour, and animal cruelty that some of your students participated which eventuated in the death of an innocent little dog.
The local Police should also then be called upon to have these students names so that they can charge them with animal cruelty.
We have heard that The University of Limerick’s position is that any activity involving cruelty to animals is deplorable and should be subject to the full extent of the law. In the event that student involvement in any act of cruelty to animals is proven, this will also be handled under the University’s disciplinary procedures which are governed by a code of conduct for students. 
We are aware that since the University became aware of the report of an incident last week it has been proactive in seeking to address this matter. 
That the UL has initiated its own enquiries locally to ascertain what had happened and these investigations are on-going. UL is also liaising with the Gardai and animal welfare authorities to enquire whether any complaints had been filed.
We the undersigned hope that you are honest and will keep your word and find and hold those students accountable for a heinous act upon an innocent little dog .

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