Saturday, June 15, 2013

Make the Australian RSPCA accountable and answerable for their actions!

The RSPCA are currently not answerable to anyone, they follow no set process when it comes to upholding Animal Cruelty Legislation. They will give one owner months to comply with an order from them when there is clearly an issue, yet others will have animals seized immediately when there is no visible problem with them? The process they follow should be understandable to all who are following a case, not cloaked behind phrases like its under investigation or we are monitoring the situation. 
There is no way to appeal a decision made by the RSPCA after seizure, their word is final. No animal they take should be put to sleep without due process of appeal. 
If the RSPCA's decision has been successfully appealed the animal or animals should be returned to the owner at no cost to them. No animal should be put to sleep if it has been offered a decent home by either an individual or another shelter. EVER
There needs to be a higher independent authority that people can complain about the RSPCA's actions to, one which has the power to question them and overide their decisions. 
The RSPCA should not work under the same department as vets are registered the way they are now in some states. This has the ability to cause and be seen as a conflict of interest as Vets have been known to not want to go against the RSPCA for fear of losing their licences.


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