Friday, June 28, 2013

Demand Felony Animal cruelty charges on the Maryland Teenager who killed his puppy.

Demand Felony Animal cruelty charges on the Maryland Teenager who killed his puppy.

To: Anne Arundel County Animal Control and others (yet to be named)

Maryland teenager accused of stabbing family puppy to death!
We the undersigned demand a full investigation is held on the 14 year old Linthicum boy who has been charged with STABBING to death the family's 10 week old Saint Bernard puppy in his bedroom.
Although this boy has no history of violent behaviour and there have been no explanations as to the reason why the teen allegedly killed the dog with a kitchen knife - which was found at the base of the bed.
A significant correlation between animal cruelty and violent behavior towards humans has long been established. In a 1997 study by Northeastern University and the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 40 % of animal abusers have committed violent crimes against people.
We understand that this boy has been charged with animal cruelty on a juvenile citation and then was released into the care of his father, but he still poses a risk to other animals and even people after committing such a heinous crime against an innocent puppy. He surely must be considered a danger to others. 
Please do the right thing and show this boy that animal cruelty is a wrong, please push to have him fully investigated, evaluated properly by a Mental Health Team and then tried as an Adult with felony animal cruelty.

PLEASE READ and share widely.
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The puppy's remains are now in the custody of the Anne Arundel County Animal Control pending an investigation.
please be polite and request that this boy is held accountable and punished for this animal cruelty killing.
Hours of Operation
Phone Number: Animal Control:  (410) 222-8900
Address: 411 Maxwell Frye Road Millersville, MD 21108

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