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Saturday, August 31, 2013

PETITION: MAXIMUM penalty to the killer of Ella the Deer of Kansas City’s Elmwood Cemetery

PETITION: MAXIMUM penalty to the killer of Ella the Deer of Kansas City’s Elmwood Cemetery.
Phoenix M. Vankirk - as named in a news story must be

given the MAXIMUM penalty over the killing of innocent tame Elmwood Cemetery deer Ella on August 4th 2013.
Mr Vankirk has only been issued a ticket for taking a deer out of season, a code violation punishable by a fine of $1,000 and a year in jail. 
This punishment is not nearly enough for his taking of innocent Ella's life, and we urge that you take another look into this crime and then charge Mr Vankirk appropriately over his selfish and heinous act of animal cruelty.
Ella lived happily in the Cemetery grounds, a place she had called home since her birth. 
Ella was killed in her home when Mr Vankirk jumped the Cemetery fence and hid until he could take a shot at Ella. 
Ella was an innocent victim, and her killer needs to be punished for her death.
ELLA was a tame Deer and a well loved member of the local community.
Ella lived within the Elmwood Cemetery grounds a place she had called home since her birth.
This innocent loving Deer was killed by Mr Phoenix M. Vankirk.

LINK TO MR VANKIRK'S probable cause statement.

Jean Peters Baker - Prosecutor
For general questions, please contact the office at 816-881-3555


  1. Phoenix Should be punished, only way to teach him a lesson. I felt bad hearing about the deer being shot over the news. Very sad, because the deer had a safe haven until this thug killed her.

  2. This act of pointless cruelty and viciousness cannot be treated as if it is 'nothing' as it is anything but. It is researched and documented that this kind of doing harm for the sake of it, for the 'fun' and cruelty of it, and for no other reason, is only a precedent to more. This was an innocent animal harming no one, beloved by the community. This was not 'hunting', this was killing for 'fun' - there is a very big difference. This 'creature' that is referred to as a 'young man', isn't done. If he gets away with this with a slap on the wrist, because this was 'just an animal' - wait for it, and rest assured; he is just getting started.

  3. What a sick bastard. This is just like someone who would break into a zoo and kill an animal there for the thrill of it. Who's to say that one day killing animals will not be enough of a thrill, and he won't go on to kill innocent humans? Give this punk the maximum punishment for this heinous act.