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Friday, August 23, 2013

Who will help solve the STRAY DOGS OF DETROIT crisis?

Every person involved with animals should be made aware of this horrific situation in Detroit. 
The media needs to help here, and bring more public awareness. 
All Veterinarians and Animal rights people need to brain storm about this crisis!
Please SHARE to help save the animals lives!
Uploaded on 31 Jan 2011..
This is a short story detailing the stray dog problem in Detroit. Did you know there are 50,000 homeless dogs with only 4 animal control officers to handle the problem in Detroit? 
For more info go to
GREAT STORY from Penny Eims -Dog News Examiner
This 2011 story gives great information, that really confirms that DETROIT really does have a dirty little secret.
The Discovery Channel worked for a year, following stray dogs around Detroit, documenting the various packs that had formed and learning about how these abandoned dogs survived.
But when the documentary was presented to the City of Detroit, officials decided to shut down production.
The officials claim that the directive to shut down production stemmed from a need to protect the public, but some suspect that the documentary would expose this immense problem to the rest of the nation and cause a further blight on an already struggling city - something the city may want to avoid.
So what can people do with this information? 
How can this tremendous problem be remedied? 
Individuals can email , the mayor of Detroit, and let him know that this situation must be addressed - it can not be ignored.
2 Woodward Avenue, Suite 1126
Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: 313.224.3400
TTY: 711 or (800) 649-3777
Fax: 313.224.4128
Mayor Dave Bing-
Email address:
Council President Saunteel Jenkins -
Councilman Andre Spivey-
Councilman Kenneth V. Cockrel-
Councilwoman Brenda Jones-
Councilman James Tate-
Councilwoman JoAnn Watson-
Councilman Charles Pugh-

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