Wednesday, August 7, 2013

In memory Of Giggles

In memory Of Giggles we Pledge to help the Society of St Francis Shelter in Kenosha Wisconsin..

The Society of St Francis Animal Shelter is a non-profit no-kill shelter dedicated to finding loving, permanent homes for unwanted or abandoned pets through adoption. Animals are only killed to end suffering from terminal illness.
A few weeks ago this little shelter was raided and a little innocent baby Deer was killed by 9 DNR Agents and 4 Deputy Sheriffs.
A dozen armed agents raid animal shelter to execute captive baby deer!
KENOSHA, WI -- An animal shelter was swarmed with armed government agents after employees began caring for a baby deer.

This is what we would like>>
In memory of Giggles the baby Deer let's send a donation their way.
Please join our facebook group>>
Justice for Giggles - the baby Deer group>>

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